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Huggies & Hoops Guide

Our Huggies & Hoops Size Guide is a standard recommendation that works for most people. Everyone is unique, every piercing is unique. Finding the perfect size from home can be a trial and error process. We recommend either seeking advice from your local piercer who will be able to advice after seeing your piercing in person.

How To Wear Cartilage Huggies

How To Adjust Loose Huggies

Size Guide

How To Measure 

Take a cm/mm ruler and measure from the center of your ear piercing to the bottom of the lobe. Here is an example:

How To Measure For Helix

Start at your hole and angle the ruler to how you want your earring to lay.


• If you want the huggies to be snug, choose the same size as your measurement.
• If you want a little space between your ear and the earrings, add 1mm to your measurement, If you want even more, you can add 2mm.
• When in doubt, always choose the larger size for the first piercing.

Please Note : ​This is a standard guideline for reference only.